Many of us have seen this message printed on the terminal, heads have been scratched, Google interrogated, sudo has been used.

It seems that developing something for the Android platform is something that begins with the problem of communicating with your devices and end in “$?!# MY LIFE! $?!# USB AND ANDROID!”.

My pc struggled communicating with my Nexus 4 in the last month, after transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit, I couldn’t push or debug anything and it stopped my work with Android (I wanted to switch from ListView to ReciclerView in my apps) but I couldn’t get any work done, Android Studio refused to talk to my device.

Today I found that if I enable mass storage on my phone everything turns out to work pretty nice with my current system configs.

So if you are on a search, desperate and furious because your Android phone is not listening to you take this wild guess and enable mass storage.