This may have happened to you before and you may have struggled to correctly address the issues in the privacy debate. It’s very difficult to make your points clear when the other part is not into technical stuff and it can be exasperating for both.

Here I will list all the arguments for privacy that I can find on the interned or in my wandering mind for you to be better prepared when discussing privacy.

Here is why encryption is important for privacy and why you should care for privacy on the internet: let’s say your employer monitor which websites you go to and flags you accordingly; as an example you may want information about maternity leave, workplace litigation or whatever. This could be used to flag you as fire immediately and the next day your are put on a performance improvement plan that will lead ultimately at firing you.

During discussions about privacy, if someone says that “I have nothing to hide”, I ask him/her to give me the password for their personal email. src

[…] you might think you have nothing to hide, but you’re using your definition of “nothing”. Would you let your insurance company know how much junk food you eat? src

I need privacy, not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are. — unknown src