Recently the project known as Electrilysis (or e10s) has landed in Firefox. This new feature enhance the responsiveness of Firefox by offloading some work to a child process.

Thanks to this enhancement Firefox enable the user to have a webpage that doesn’t freeze when some heavy processing is happening.

There are future plans to offload the graphics to a child process and other to have a child process for every tab but these plans are out of scope.

During my years on the internet I’ve grown suspicious of many things and when there are methods to enhance privacy I am always eager to learn about them and use them.

Here is the list of addons I have currently installed.

  • Adblock
  • Decentraleyes
  • Google Search link fix
  • Historyblock
  • I don’t care about cookies
  • Min Vid
  • Print Edit
  • Pwgen
  • Tab Origin
  • Tab groups
  • Test Pilot
  • U2F Support Addon

Here is the list of addons compatible with e10s and multiprocessing.

  • Adblock


I don’t need all of them that bad but I don’t know what to say about this, it seems we are back in 2000 and addons are a new thing. Obviously I care so much about responsiveness and multiprocessing that I disabled all of them but Adblock but I don’t like the future I imagine.

Most of the use cases for an addon are already covered by some succesfull and optimized entry, most of the users do not know what is the benefit of choosing a raw but multiprocessing compatible alternative so they won’t search for it and they won’t benefit.